Zombification starts at home.

I'm a zombie, baby. So why don't you kill me?

I used to be a creative.

Then I got a full-time job as a phone-answering, email-replying, newsletter-designing zombie.

It’s not that the job is bad, but I let the job take over.

I lost connections to people.

I stopped making things.

I didn’t write or design unless it was for work.

In other words, I lost me.

I did not  survive the zombie apocalypse.

What do I do?

How do I come back to life?

If only life gave out instant answers. That would be the shit.

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One response to “Zombie

  1. samantha

    I feel you! Hey, sometimes we fall off the creative bandwagon. It happens. When I wanna get back into the creative groove, I revert to my outer-inner-child. Basically, go back to basics and do something child-like or remenisent of what got you going as a kid. Does that make sense? Kids usually have the most un-jaded view of the world we tend to over look with our zombie-like adultness. So, go on, get ur crayons out & your favorite coloring book, watch some throwback episodes of Thundercats in your PJs while eating cereal, have a juice box, swing on the swings or grab some sidewalk chalk & get @ it! 😉

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