Secret Semiotics

Not long ago, I took a class on logo design and the instructor talked about how important the use of symbols were in good logo design. One of the logos we looked at was that of the ubiquitous Federal Express. People all over the world know the FedEx logo and I don’t think there’s one place you can go in Memphis without seeing it at least once, OK, maybe a Nike store or something, but the thing is everywhere. I didn’t even know there was any symbolism to the design (the colors, maybe)  until he pointed out the white space between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’. Did you see it? There’s an arrow hiding out there! Call me slow if you want, but I never, ever spotted it until this class.

I’m sure there’s plenty of hidden symbols, words and messages that we see everyday, yet never pay attention to. And they’re usually encapsulated in interesting logo designs like the 55 über creative examples compiled at

25 Logos with Hidden Messages–Amazing Graphic Designing Tricks!

30 More Hidden Logos to Treat Your Eyes–The Sequel!

Now I'm just showing off. It is amazing though, isn't it?

Know of any other logos or artwork with a secret to hide or an interesting design? I’m all ears in the comments below. Or all eyes. You know what I mean.



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