Crafty Bastard

Today was a crafting day, and I woke up determined to make something with my hands. I was fortunate enough to have picked up a bunch of bejeweled charms at Michael’s Arts & Crafts back in January. The each have loops so that they can hang on chains and most have clasps on the back giving me the option to wear them as brooches. Out of the ether, I decided that today would be that my claspless beauties would grow up to become pins.

After voting (I hope you exercised your right today as well), I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy pin backs and then went to Michael’s to see if I could find any other charms to make pins out of. I added two nice wooden Buddha charms to my collection as well as two 18″ and 30″ silver ball chain necklaces and six metal pendants.

I already had some jewelry and metal glue, though I don’t remember why I purchased it, so as soon as I got home, I threw on some music and let the crafting commence.

I cut the metal loops off the back of the two larger charms with super sharp pliers, then glued the clasps on to all four pieces.

Now all that’s left is to wait 24 hours for the epoxy to dry to sport my creations. As for the chain and metal charms, I figure I can throw one on whenever the mood strikes. Today, I need a bit of focus.

What have you been crafting? Feel free to share your crafty bastardness in the comments below.



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6 responses to “Crafty Bastard

  1. I put those exact Buddha charms in my wedding broom! Funny how we both found them. I like your ideas! I am inspired to make some buttons. My latest craft has been demolition. I have to take some pics of the walk-in closet I am making by plowing a big old hole into the wall that was my bedroom/hallway. It sure is ugly now but it will be a masterpiece. Now all I need are clothes to fill it!

    • Letita

      That is funny! One of these pins is for you, but the glue has to cure before I can mail it. Look for it on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

      Demolition? What the hell? My imagination isn’t so good, so yeah, I’m going to need photos, stat!

  2. P.S. Open your Etsy store, chick, so I can buy some stuff!

  3. Sam-I-Am

    HEY GIRL! I didn’t know you were into the crafts too… That’s nice! I like that T/C/C! Find yourself a good bead shop and really CUT LOOSE! I have. One in each location: North and South du lac. LOL! I’ll email you some of my new stuff later.

    Miss you girl!

    Love that genius!

    • Letita

      I’m really not so crafty, but easy stuff like that mellows me out. Putting furniture together is one of my favorites, too, because it’s so methodical.

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