5 Offices I Adore

Ahh, my desk. I’m tempted to call it my ‘office space’, but I like to think that a true office space entails a room dedicated to working at a desk. That said, the last time I had an office space was when I rented a 1500-square foot condo in Lima, Ohio for $750. Clearly, that was long, long ago. Carving an office out of a corner in my bedroom isn’t my ideal situation. Not to mention the wires from all my accoutrement are crazy making, I have no drawer space, and I’m not in love with the fact that my desk is one of the first things I see in the morning. It works for me, for now. I’ve got little space and little choice.

When I do get my real office that isn’t tucked behind a couch or in the corner of a bedroom, the following rooms give me something to aspire to.

Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely & Pink Loves Brown

I used to be a pink lady, and I’m less so these days, but Nicole Balch’s office could make me change my ways. I love how well thought out the space is and the fact that both her keyboard and Wacom tablet fit on the keyboard tray of her West Elm Bond Desk. Yes, I almost bought that same desk during the holidays, but the thought of storing my CB2 Go Kart Desk made me sad. Still, I did search out her Flipsaver screensaver (alas the Snow Leopard version at Shirtmullet is no longer available).

Even her pre-West Elm office is divine (see below).

Rebecca Sato’s Zen Loveliness

Freelance writer Rebecca Sato has a series of eHow videos explaining the ins and outs of the freelance writing business. The best one yet shows off her peaceful office full of calming art, plants, pinky-terracotta walls and a to-die-for cabinet desk. While I can’t get down with furry white chairs, she’s at least inspired me to invest in an orchid or two.

Gregory Han’s Slick IKEA Space

Man oh Manischewitz, this office is dope! Can I just say that I love to see a space that looks like someone actually works there. Not only that, but it’s clean, cool, and well organized. See:

Gregory Han’s Besta Burs from IKEA has the kind of storage that can corral the foolishness that I have going on right now. I always need a variety of pens, cords, and tech toys nearby. I really like how the main statement is blue and white, but there’s space for all of the other colors to play, too. I strongly encourage you to visit Gregory’s Tech Tour at Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd. He’s got drawers tricked out with lights and a nice shelving system to show off as well.

Centsational Girl’s Glam Grandeur

Just as I write that I love to see an office where it seems someone is doing work, I post an office that looks like it’s straight from Magazine World where the rooms are always well-lit, pillows are always fluffed, and desktops are always clear. This is the grown-up office of my dreams but I know that if I ever had it, I’d get tired of it in about five minutes.

There isn’t a person in this world who wouldn’t admit that this office is gorgeous. Centsational Girl’s choice in objets is awesome and the window is perfect for being nosey the way I like to be nosey, but there’s something about covering a desk in things I wouldn’t use day to day that bothers me. I know it’s for the look and even Censational Girl herself admits that her desk is full of papers and work stuff when she’s getting down and dirty, but still. I’d know every time I needed to work, I’d have to get rid of everything. It’s inspired, but inconvenient.

KatieD’s Work With What You’ve Got Workspace

And speaking of windows, Apartment Therapy reader Katherine Durgin-Bruce, a.k.a. KatieD, offers a simple workspace solution: work with what you’ve got. In her case, it’s a windowsill in a cozy corner. It seems simple enough. What she needs is nearby (including flowers—even windowsill desks need to be dressed up), she’s got a decent view, and at the end of the day, she can tuck her office away in a drawer or closet somewhere.

Have an office I should add to my adoration list? Hit me up in the comments!



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4 responses to “5 Offices I Adore

  1. Chakita

    Thanks for sharing your review on the various office space “looks”. Your evaluation gives me more ideas on how I want my future office space to look in my new sanctuary.

    Happy Office Shopping,

  2. RCHouston

    Hey Tita:

    I love this blog post! I’m really loving Centsational Glam Grandeur’s office space. I’m currently in the process of revamping my office space, which is actually a built-in desk and bookshelf in my bedroom. CGG’s space is perfect inspiration.

    BTW: I’m also an Elle Decor addict. It embodies the perfect blend of all that I adore in home design: comfy, chic, contemporary and girly.

    Here’s to wonderful work spaces!

    • Letita

      Hi Ros! Your built-ins sound promising. I’d love to see before and after shots of your office. I haven’t read Elle Decor (pitiful, I know), but I’ll take a gander the next time I’m in a bookstore.

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