Walking in Memphis: Spruce

There's something about this kitschy menagerie that I enjoy

Memphis has precious few resources that serve both as design inspiration and a shopping destination, but this morning, I finally got to visit one such space that’s been high on my list for a minute now. Tucked away among a row of shops in East Memphis, Spruce (5040 Sanderlin Avenue) boasts a collection that reflects owner and interior designer Selena McAdams’ eclectic design aesthetic. The items that populate Spruce are kitschy, clean, glamourous and somehow, homey.

I had a great time talking with Selena about the birth of Spruce, local design trends (she says Memphis is slowly but surely coming out of a 20-year French Country/Southern Traditional rut), her design process, and ogling all the in-store goodness including the shop’s sample closet.

Though I was there for two hours, and I was cognizant enough to finally take pictures like a good blogger should, I probably only captured a fraction of what Spruce and Selena McAdams have to offer. For the rest, you’ll have to see it for yourself. And beware: the store and it’s stock are constantly evolving, so it’s best to either visit often or keep up via Facebook on the Spruce Shop page. By the way, a huge shout-out to Spruce assistant (I made up a title, sorry) and fellow Apartment Therapy reader Meg Kerr who was nice enough to give me lots of preliminary info. Read her informative and pillow-filled blog Kerrent here.

An in-store landing strip with magnolia wallpaper and cane vases.

I think I want that cockatoo for my kitchen. It's way more awesome than a rooster.

The stuff on these shelves can make even the biggest kid happy.

The Spruce sample closet. I want to go to there—again.

Look at the aged loose leaf beneath the jewelry. Details, my friends.

In order to get an appreciation for how massive and gorgeous this mirror is, you have to see it in person.


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