Work what works

Be a simple Simon today.

Today I learned how to simplify.

I’ve been working with a client on his Web site and increasing his online presence by registering his business on Yelp! and doing some fun Google Analytics things. OK, so he didn’t really need Google Analytics, but it was a nice excuse for me to learn how to use the tool.

When I first started working on his site a month ago, I sold him on the idea of creating a new, more professional looking email address that included his Web site’s URL as opposed to ‘’. I put this new email address all over his site and used it as the receipt address for a form on one of his pages. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been checking this new account because he didn’t know how to login to it.

Shocking though it may be, there are still people in the world who don’t touch their home computers other than to check their email once a day. He’s one of them. And the fact that he hadn’t wholeheartedly embraced his new email address, still opting to put the Yahoo! one on all his printed collateral told me something: I need to listen more, relinquish a bit of control, and make things as simple as possible when necessary.

This morning after hours spent on the phone walking him through the process of logging in to Go Daddy’s Workspace Email and showing up to his house to instruct him on the process, I decided to change tactics. Rather than forcing him to check multiple accounts and adapt to this new thing that he hadn’t asked for in the first place, I decided to back off and directed everything to his Yahoo! email. Every email hyperlink along with the form php was changed this morning. I even switched his Yelp! account to his Yahoo! address. It’s what works for him, and that’s OK.

It doesn’t always have to be fancy. And who’s to say what’s professional as long as it works for my client and his customers.

Bottom line: simple really is sometimes best.


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