Orange You Glad

The sunshine and storminess of springtime is finally here, and just in time, here’s a round up of cheery, solar-inspired office products. See list below for links. N.B. My apologies in advance for listing the chair. I saw it in Real Simple one week, and the next week the link to the online version was gone. I guess that means I need to post things faster. Message!

  1. ShultzeWORKS Philco PC, computer generated prototype (It’s a shame this doesn’t exist in real life. I don’t dig PCs anymore, but I’d buy this one.)
  2. Park Life Lemnos Wall Clock, $49,
  3. Stockholm DVD Box, $13 Container Store
  4. Stockholm Magazine File, $9.99 Container Store
  5. Orange Amac Boxes, starting at $.39 Container Store
  6. Simple Diary, $16 CB2 (For a similar look, try the Exacompta refillable journal in mandarin or the orange Rhodia Web Notebook, both available at
  7. Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Retractable Ballpoint Pen, $6.99 Staples
  8. Staples Colored File Folders, Letter, 3 Tab Orange, $15 for 100 Staples
  9. Bright Folding Crate, $20 Container Store
  10. Malmoe Desk, $130 Target
  11. Chair found in Real Simple magazine


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2 responses to “Orange You Glad

  1. I LOVE this color orange!!! I could definitely see that beautiful orange desk sitting in a blue room :-)!!!

    PS: yes, this is Tia 🙂

    • Letita

      Hola TiaBia & thanks for the comment! I completely agree—this desk could be great friends with a nice, turquoisy, Tiffany blue.

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