How to Keep It Moving When a Rainbow Dress is Enough

(l to r) Keep It Moving Dress vs. the "Perfect" Dress

Over the weekend, two of the most wonderful people on the planet got married in Dallas, Texas. And while I was there to witness the blessed event, the fabulous beige satin dress I intended to wear wasn’t.

The night before I hit the road, I lovingly went over the dress ensuring the absence of any snags, pulls or stains. Then I lovingly pressed it out to remove any wrinkles and hung it on the back of my bedroom door in a dress bag to keep it fresh during the eight-hour drive. Well, I lovingly left it hanging there the next morning and didn’t realize it until I was an hour into my drive.

After five minute freak-out full of f-bombs and tears, I had a couple of choices: 1) turn around and add two hours to my trip or 2) keep it moving and wear the back-up dress I stuffed into my bag at the last minute on Thursday night. Even though I was self-conscious about looking more informal than I would’ve liked (the dress has every color of the rainbow and two peacocks on it—’nuff said), I kept rolling comforted by the fact that at least my accessories and shoes matched both dresses. My rainbow dress would have to be enough.

I debated telling anyone what I’d done, but I had to. Once I got over the initial shock of it all, I thought it was funny as hell and I couldn’t keep it to myself. When I was finally able to call The Old Dude (also known as my father), I told him what went down, and in his fatherly way he said, “Oh no! That’s why you make a list and put everything in the car the night before!” To which I replied, “Yeah well, I don’t know who said it first, but if you ever want make God laugh, come up with a plan,” and we both fell out.

Okay, so I felt like a can of Tahitian Treat at first and it wasn’t my painstakingly planned perfect outfit, but I was fun and festive and I had a great time catching up with my Line Sisters, our Frat, and some of our fellow Xavierites. On top of it all, thanks to my awesome Line Sister and friend Monica, I got to stay in a grand villa at the fabulous Four Seasons Resort and Spa and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. It’s just as out of control as it sounds.

In other words, damn the perfect dress or the perfect plan. Have fun, count your blessings (wonderful friends, visiting a gorgeous city, staying in a villa—HELLO), and keep it moving!



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2 responses to “How to Keep It Moving When a Rainbow Dress is Enough

  1. Sam-I-Am

    I personally picked the blue “can of Tahitian Treat” over the “Perfect Dress” before I read your story….

    See… all really WAS right with the world as you know it in that dress. 😉

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