A Something’s Extra: Keep Calm and Carry On

Originally used as propaganda to buck up the spirits of Brits during World War II, these Keep Calm and Carry On posters have been all the rage in design circles for a few years now. The rockstars over at m + d + a few extras took it upon themselves to create a desktop wallpaper in a variety of colors, and I’ve been rocking the turquoise one since October. You can probably see little pieces of it on my screen in the ‘Rainy Day in Memphis’ post.

Anywhoo, I never knew who created them ’til today when I searched out the orange version, and now that I’ve found the original source along with the other colors of the rainbow m + d so graciously hooked up, I thought I’d share.

Get your Keep Calm on via the links below.



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3 responses to “A Something’s Extra: Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. Sh'Aaron

    Thanks Letita! I just love the green one!!!

  2. Sam-I-Am

    I love this slogan! It’s also available on etsy.com (Thanks for introducing me to that 1 T/C/C) in a varitety of colors and sizes.

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