Rainy day in Memphis

There’s nothing going on today. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. I just felt like taking a bunch of pictures and doing a post. I guess I’m feeling posty this week. I could be working on my Orange round-up. I already assembled the photos, but it’s a matter of putting the image together in Polyvore and running it through Photoshop. Maybe tomorrow.

But yeah. What you see above is a quick photo of my desk taken this afternoon. What you see below is a photo of my desk from my Office of Recruitment/public education salad days.

I don’t know how I got anything done back then. It was fun and manic, but way too much stuff.

Oh, here’s a shot of my new toy:

I hadn’t plugged it in at that point, but needless to say, it’s got me pretty intimidated right now. I’ll get over it, but still.

Any who, how’s your weekend? Any box-fresh toys you want to talk about? Work-from-home dilemmas you want to tease out like should you watch that episode of Wendy Williams before shipping your final draft? Let’s chop it up. It’s all yours.



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2 responses to “Rainy day in Memphis

  1. Sam-I-Am

    *GASPING FOR AIR* Is that the new Bamboo designer?????

    Ever since I saw that thing in Best Buy I’ve wanted to play with it!

    So… have you used it yet? How is it?

    • Letita

      The Intuos4 is the big brother of the Bamboo, which is what I really wanted in the first place but all anyone had was the small one you manipulate with your hands. I at least wanted a pen. It’s marvelous, though using it feels weird the first month or so. I really didn’t touch the thing for the longest time because I was afraid to mess it up, but if I didn’t mess it up it would mean I’ve never used it. Basically, I had to get over myself.

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