Red Hot Round-Up

Happy New Year, Freelance Letita readers! I’m back from a fabulous ‘holiday break’ (read: the laziness that has been the past two weeks), and I hope yours was equally splendiferous.  During said staycation, I did a bit of Internet window shopping and compiled a list of dream office wares. It’s a pretty long list of items and the only way I could think of sharing them in some sort of order was by ROY G. BIVing it. Some the items are practical, some are simply pretty, and some are just plain pricey (there’s that champagne taste I was telling y’all about).

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the point of this kind of list could possibly be. For starters, plenty of work spaces whether at home or in an office building are downright drab. A lot of  folks are cool with standard-issue black, silvery-gray and (heaven forbid) brownish office supplies. Lord knows that kind of stuff is easy enough to find in any office supply store. But if you’ve resolved to add a few pops of color to the corporate dullness that is your desk, this motley series of supplies may just help you out of your murky rut.

For your consideration, I present my first piece of color-coordinated, OCD officeness: Red Hot.

  1. Jielde Signal Desk Lamp, $415 HORNE
  2. Vera Bradley Photo Book in Paprika, $14 Vera Bradley
  3. Vera Bradley Ball Point Pen in Paprika, $19 Vera Bradley
  4. Blu Dot 2D:3D Letter Holder, $25 Hive Modern
  5. Swingline Collectors Edition 747 Rio Red Business Stapler , $19.09
  6. Early Sixties Red GPO 746, £60 (or $96.71)
  7. Desk 51, $ 699 Blue Dot
  8. Formosa Wall Calendar, $275


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2 responses to “Red Hot Round-Up

  1. Sam-I-Am

    Love it.

    All I can think of right now is Office Space.

    “Umm… Can I please get my stapler?”

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