Design of the day: You are the prototype

Some wedding programs I’ve been working on. Please disregard the TKs. I’m in the middle of things.

Wedding Program Version Dos_10.27.09

4x4 version.

The first version is going to be cut into fours with a ribbon holding it all together in the top left corner. It’s black and white now, but it’s going to be printed on pink cardstock.

The second version is a work in progress. I’m thinking that I can print two of these on one 8.5 x 11 sheet and have the 1/4 page ‘From the Couple’ as a handbill and place them on the chargers at the dinner tables.

Wedding Program Version Tres (long)_10.27.09

The one-column deal.

So yeah, those are are my designs of the day. I’ll try my best to post the final product after the big day. I have the feeling things will change between now and then.

Also, here’s a nice link to a blog with awesome palettes and pattern swatches called Colour Lovers. And I’m sure you already know about the awesomeness of DaFont.


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