I Shouldn’t Have Left You…

Coca-Cola Classic (a.k.a. Eric B. &Rakim):

Or if you’re too young, New Coke (a.k.a. Aaliyah & Timbaland):

I know, I know. How are you? It’s been such a long time. Too long.

I may not get many comments ’round these parts, but I do have readers. Those of you I do have are probably wondering how I can disappear for more than a month and then show up being all “La-la-la, should I charge?” without nary a word in the interim. My sincerest apologies for pulling a Houdini, but in that time, I’ve moved from the hustle and bustle of the D.C. Metro area back down South. Isn’t D.C. the South? Farther South.  Anyway, I gave away a lot of stuff, packed up what I decided to keep, then relocated to Memphis.

While an 800-mile move is no excuse for abandoning my blog for 40 days since I could’ve easily set up a once-a-week automated post, it is part of the reason why there’s been such a huge gap between my Radiohead post in August and Should I Charge?

During that span, I also took some time off to relax and spend some time not thinking about business. For someone who hadn’t taken a vacation in two years, I gifted myself some much needed relax-relate-release time. Though I do feel bad for not posting more regularly, I don’t feel that bad.

Now that apologies have been issued, I will have fresh content coming your way at least twice weekly, especially some more design-inspired posts, and some interesting interviews with other freelancers and consultants trying to find their way in the working-from-home world.

Until then, your comments and questions? I’d love to hear ’em. Type to me. I’m waiting…


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