Go, Go Gadgets: The Easy Button

That was easy!

That was easy!

OK, so I procrastinate from time to time. At one point it was a really bad habit, but after working through some things over the past year, my ability to accomplish what I’ve set out to without putting it off or waiting for the “perfect” time to start has drastically improved.

There are those projects that, until I break them down into bite sized pieces, still manage to intimidate me. When I conquer them enough to at least get started, I slam the Staples Easy Button sitting on my desk. Hearing its “That was easy” is so satisfying. It’s like Tommy Lee Haywood’s “Too easy, drill sergeant. Too easy!” only without the sputtering and tear gas. And it’s definitely an added bit of motivation to keep me going.

While this is a gadgets post, I feel the need to expand it to get up, get out and get something strategies. What do you do to get and stay motivated when facing a tough project? Do you psyche yourself up with a song? Promise yourself Hunan shrimp from that rolling Chinese takeaway down the street? Play on your Xbox for 30 minutes, then swear you’ll get started?

Share with me. I’d love to hear it and maybe, just maybe, adopt a few.


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