Design Pr0n: George Nelson Swag Desk

Your space is the final frontier. As you can probably tell by the personal pronoun at the start of the previous sentence, I’m not talking about the intergalactic planetary kind. I’m talking about your work space.

For my money, I have to either work where I can’t be distracted or where there’s social pressure to focus, like the library. When I work from home, which I do just about every work day, I like my space to be organized a certain way–access to pens on my desk or in a nearby drawer, reference books within reach, good lighting, very little noise unless I’m designing, and no television within my line of sight.

The important thing about any work space is that it allows you to get things done and is put together in a way that bets fit your work style. You shouldn’t have to adapt to an office made for someone else. So why not work in a space that not only works for you but inspires you?

My perfect workspace is full of color, a bit of organized chaos, and storage. And I know without fail that sometime in the future that the Nelson Swag Desk will live in that space. It’s got funky lines, storage in the form of confetti colored slots with a narrow shelf above that’s just calling out for a couple of succulents and my reference books, and two pull out drawers under the desktop.

Isn't it lovely?!

Isn't it lovely?!

I really do believe that important things were meant to be written at that desk. Papers containing my dreams and future plans were meant to be stored in it’s colorful slots. And look, the space between the orange and the yellow separators is perfect for a MacBook.

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture. How some ever, the $1800 price tag is not. And I’ve priced this desk everywhere from Room & Board to Design Within Reach, a store that might as well be called Design Way Outside My Reach.

Man oh Manischewitz, why does beautiful design have to be so expensive? Then again, that’s a piece of furniture I can invest in and know it’s not going anywhere—ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my CB2 Go Kart desk (photos of the Go Kart hanging out my office space in a later post), but it’s got zero storage and not a day goes by when I don’t wish I could buff out some of the scratches in it’s finish. Still, it’s neon green and fits well in my very colorful apartment.

So while the Nelson Swag isn’t in my budget right now, you can’t stop a girl from dreaming. And if you like me can’t afford all that designer fanciness right this very minute, you can always suck it up and work with what ‘ya got.


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